12/3: For the Record

Wha? Another new build already? Yep. :D

This is a small, but potentially quite useful one: it adds a new party dump feature. Simply press F10 in game and a text file will be generated that contains everything (or at least quite a bit) anyone would probably ever want to know about your current game and party. The file is generated in the Records subdirectory of Demon’s file structure.

Here’s a pastebin of what a very early game one looks like: http://pastebin.com/wSftRZhF

Hopefully this will be useful when discussing builds/strategies with other players. :) Enjoy!

2 responses to “12/3: For the Record

  1. Thanks! This is much better than screenshots because it contains detailed description of skills. Also it makes possible to analyze skills out of the game, I am usually too impatient to carefully read descriptions while playing :)