12/1: Quit the Bug Hunt

New build posted. :) Nothing toooo exciting yet, the first batch of new content is still in the design phase, but I wanted to get some bug fixes out before that drops. :)

One of the bugs fixed is a nasty one: exiting Demon in full screen mode used to cause your resolution to drop by one slot the next time you played! Unfortunately, fixing it on systems it has happened on requires a tiny bit of manual labor: simply close Demon while it is not running in full-screen mode, then re-open it, with the 12/1 build. The bug will be gone. :) Thanks to Sandman25 for discovering and helping me test a fix for the bug. :)

This build also fixes a nasty bug where Bloodthirst and Gluttony were cancelling out instead of working together. :P Boo.

Finally, I added a save and quit command (shift + Q) for full screen mode convenience. To prevent unfortunate accidents involving ctrl + Q, the abandon character command, that now requires you enter the name of your summoner in order to use it.

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