Arcadia: The Untamed Forest

Still have some work to do on the walls to make them a bit less hedge maze and bit more forest, but things are far enough along now where I can show off a couple of screenshots. :)

Here’s a terrain shot:


And, here’s a sample map generated using the new forest “architect” I made for the level:


I really like how the maps have turned out. :) They tend to have one big forested area, but with lots of fun side paths into smaller areas. :D

Arcadia is a one floor side dungeon that will appear in 50% of games. When it appears, its portal will spawn on Tower:3, and the unique Actaeon will always spawn within it. Games where Arcadia appears will *not* have Tower:1 & 1/2, the two are part of a dungeon set (the first in Demon), only one dungeon in each set spawns each run (similar to Lair sub-branches in Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.) This also means you may finally be able to run into West and Headless in the main Tower again…

Still a bit of work to do for this build, but I’m hoping to release relatively soonish. :D Stay tuned!

4 responses to “Arcadia: The Untamed Forest

  1. I’ve found Tower 1 1/2 is really helpful for getting some builds off the ground – have you considered offering portals to both levels and collapsing the entrance to the one that’s not taken or something?

  2. Hmm… that’s certainly a possibility, and I hadn’t thought of that. :)

    But… part of the idea behind having dungeon sets is prioritizing adaptability and dealing with situations as they arise, rather than knowing ahead of time that you’re going to have a certain set of encounters. But to your concern, I would consider it a problem if this makes some builds unacceptably difficult (though not if it is just *more* difficult :P ), so I will keep an eye and ear on it. :D

  3. Does it mean West will still be generated in every game? I think it is boring to have guaranteed Leadership etc.

  4. Oh, no. :) “Boss” spawns are only 100% in their home dungeon. If Tower: 1 & 1/2 is not selected for a given game’s Tower map, West and Headless only have a chance to appear instead of being guaranteed.