2/3: Movin’ On Up

New build is out. :D Download links have been updated, so go grab it. :D

Major goodies of this build include:

  • Three new floors have been added to the top of the Tower, bringing it to 20 floors total.
  • 17 new characters and 39 new abilities were added (most to the three new floors, some to other areas)
  • Hand of the Dead has a new primary option: Debuff, which gives touch-range abilities that apply two debuffs at once.
  • Vodun Mask’s Mind secondary is now Minor Pain instead of Mind Blank. Minor Pain has less stagger, but does damage.
  • Crown of Glory’s Buff secondary is now Leadership instead of Cursebreak Cut. Leadership causes your physical attacks to speed up the next turn of randomly selected allies.
  • Various balance tweaks and bug fixes.
  • Scoreboard has been reset for this version, since it added significant new content.

Enjoy, and good luck in the Tower. :D

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