Tier 3 Modifiers Done

Some of these have some pretty horrifying potential :D Archons (Tier 3 Mind) are my guess for what will end up the most deadly, especially now that the higher-end Mind damage attacks will finally be available. :D But, we’ll see how it plays out… soonish. :)

So What’s Left To Do Anyway?

As promised, a review of the things I still need to do before I release this build:

x Capture mechanic setup for the new demons
x Create Tier 3 modifiers.
x Create hybrid modifiers for Tiers 1 and 2.
x Create modifiers for uniques.
x Place new abilities into old modifiers when appropriate.
x Create/update spawn tables to account for the new demons and new floors.
* Small (but numerous) balance tweaks I’ve noted, but not yet implemented.
* Small adjustments to Relic starting packages to account for attenuation mechanic and some new abilities I want to insert.
* Various small bug fixes.
* Testing… testing… testing…

Good news: None of these are particularly big tasks except testing! Bad news: There’s a fair number of them still. But, we’re closing in on the end, nonetheless. :D Hang tight, I think this one will prove worth the wait. :D

Edit: Crossing things off as I finish them. :D

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All New Abilities Implemented

Not a long post given the late hour, but I wanted to announce that all 166 new abilities for the next build have been implemented. :D

I’ll post again soon with some details on what work is left to do before this build’s ready to go out the door. Following that, we’ll have some previews of some of the new demons featuring Geminimax’s versions of the character sprites. :D

Until then, time for Nioh and sleep. :P

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