Interdict: The Post-Empyrean Age

Hello! :D I’m happy to announce that Interdict: The Post-Empyrean Age’s first public release is now available for download!


I’m not going to say much more about it here, as I intend for to be my primary website going forward, so instead, here is the link to that, where you can read all about it and grab a copy to play. :D

Also new as of now, I have created a Discord for both Demon and Interdict, which you can join with this invite.

However, if you prefer to hang out in the roguelikes Discord’s Demon channel, don’t worry, I don’t plan to leave that, so you can still find me there like before.

I hope you enjoy this new adventure. :) I look forward to working on it and improving it for many years to come, just as I did with Demon. Good luck, and thank you for your support and kind words over the years.

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