What Lies Beyond the Tower…

Assuming nothing crazy happens here in the last stretch, I plan to release the first public version of my next project, Interdict: The Post-Empyrean Age, within a couple of weeks. :)

To give you a little idea what it is like, here is a tiny teaser in the form of the message displayed when starting a new game.


Interdict is primarily a dungeon crawler in the vein of the older Wizardry and Might and Magic titles, but it has a very generous amount of roguelike DNA. As the new game message shown above states, it features a very large degree of procedural generation, and a form of permadeath (in this case, “permawipe” might be a better name, since the defeat condition here is all of your party members being dead at the same time.) It is also entirely turn-based, both when exploring the dungeon, and while in combat.

When the first public release is ready, I will post here again with a link to the itch.io page. Going forward from that point, I will be using itch.io for further Interdict updates. The first public release is relatively small, taking roughly 3-6 hours to complete a run of the available content, but is enough to demonstrate what the game is like and hopefully show what is fun and interesting about it.

Like I did with Demon, I plan to work on and update Interdict for a good, long time, so it will continue to grow, improve, and receive additional content. I’m not silly enough to promise up front that I will stick with it most of a decade like Demon ended up getting. :P But, so long as I and at least some other folks remain interested, I plan to work on it for quite awhile. :)

This is probably also a good time to mention that, like Demon, Interdict will always be available for free, so don’t have any worries on that front. :D

Alright, that’s enough of me bending my “don’t talk about it until the first public release” rule. I’ll be posting again to announce the public release soon. Cheers!

4 responses to “What Lies Beyond the Tower…

  1. Exciting! Difficult to imagine it won’t be a fun and unique playing experience. Happy dev’ing and thanks for all the hours of enjoyment in a world otherwise quite dreary!