8/4: This Is A Bug Hunt

Hey folks. :D Been awhile!

I’ve uploaded the 8/4/2023 build, already available on the links to the right. This fixes a number of bugs that have been reported since the 5/23/2022 build, including some errors in the purchase costs of Far Summon I, Far Summon II, and Nightingale, and a few late-game abilities that weren’t working as advertised. It also includes some typo fixes, and a revamp of the Horns of the Hunt relic that focuses on high Capacity and Far Summon rather than Brand upgrades. While it was nice to have a Brand-focused Relic, practically speaking, the Brand upgrades are only of limited use to have early on.

Note that Horns is actually still one of the better Relics to take if you plan to invest in Brands: almost everyone eventually picks up Capacity Up IV which it starts with anyway, so you can easily just go straight into buying Brand upgrades as soon as you have the points.

Finally, I added the Auraward ability to the elemental Sworn/Kin/Born modifiers, as well as to Anzu’s unique modifier, finally making it possible to give this esoteric ability to demon allies.

Since I’m rusty at making Demon builds, I’ve left the 5/23/2022 builds available for now just in case I goofed something up, but they will eventually be removed if I don’t get any reports of problems with the 8/4/2023 builds.

Cheers, and good luck in the Tower!

PS: The new game is coming along nicely. :) I’m sticking with my plan of not really talking about it much until a first playable is ready though. That said, we’re getting pretty close to that point now…

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