Let There Be Light

For awhile now, there’s been a bit of an imbalance between the Light and Dark elements. In most respects, they mirror each other, but then there were Dark’s MaxHP damaging/draining abilities. Light didn’t have any equivalent, and it’d been bothering me for awhile. But, I finally figured out (and overcome small implementations with) an idea I’m happy with, which is represented by an example I’ll show here. :D


Stellar Ray and its various cousins will be part of the new ability content push build that is next up for release. :D

9 responses to “Let There Be Light

  1. Allies shall suffer from being in the line of fire no longer!

    Looks pretty cool, i’m assuming there will be some that act somewhat like pyre rite.

    • I’ve already added some small AE versions. :D They don’t require a condition on the target like Pyre Rite though.

  2. Do these still require a target or can you fire exculsively with the intent of only hitting your allies?

    • Oh, no, these can be freely targeted with no restrictions other than their range limits. You can fire purely at enemies, purely at allies, or a mix of both. The AI already has started using them during resting to speed up post-combat healing :D

  3. I’m really looking forward to having a play around with these. Healing your team and attacking enemies without relying on accuracy is such a great combo for a single move. I’m already thinking of how you could build a team around this.

    • Well.. I did already switch the beams out from Cannot Miss (I wanted to offer an option that was cheaper SP-wise in exchange for needing accuracy, the beams were the most appropriate candidate), *but* the “Burst” line of spells (3×3 area instead of a line) won’t check accuracy, so you’ll still be able to get what you wanted.

      Additionally, the “Nova” line of these spells will also not check accuracy: those actually cover almost the entire visible area, similar to Mind Scream and the like. A bit pricey though on SP, as you’d probably imagine.

      • About the ones that can miss, can they only miss against enemies or is it possible for you to miss on your allies?

        Missing a heal seems like a good way to lose

  4. Sounds good. Burst and nova makes even more sense as (pricey) keystone abilities, as beam is narrow and would require a lot of personal positioning.