Some Other Lost Children

A few other quick previews of some other abilities I’ve added so far :D

ArgentArrow CrimsonGleam Dolor PreserveLife

4 responses to “Some Other Lost Children

  1. Hot damn those look strong, but really expensive to use.

    Preserve life seems like it would synhergize well with the other one that’s the opposite.

    I don’t know if it’s also an early skill, but if it is, it seems that if you got both on your healer it would make all the other early pure healing abilities moot.

    • Preserve Life is a Tier 1 ability, so it’s definitely available early. :)

      And yeah, Preserve Life + Soothe covers all your bases healing wise and lets you heal in either case cheaper than you could with the no-restrictions heal… but on the other hand, it takes up 2 ability slots instead of 1 for the same functionality. :) Decisions decisions…

  2. These are some juicy abilities. So, can argent arrow fly through allies like its lesser light projectile brethren? Will channeler reduce Dolor’s CD from 10% to 5% xp?

    • Argent Arrow doesn’t have Light class’s fly through, that’s Light class’ thing. :D (It’d have to be even more expensive if it had that, at 30 SP it’s already very pricey for a Tier 2 projectile.)

      Channeler will indeed reduce Dolor’s CD from 10% to 5%. It’ll still show up as “1″, but it will clear much quicker.

      Probably worth adding these are random-ish examples, and you can assume variants / obvious pairings exist. (i.e.: There is an Argent Dart and an Argent Blast, there’s a “Buff Miracle” opposite of Dolor, etc.)