2 responses to “But We Can Use Them Too

  1. Damn they look really menacing, especially that Satyr – with all that agility he stands a better chance at staying with full hp and maintaining that agility for even longer, it’s an infinite cycle. SP cost+ on Ludoc and Faerie though, isn’t really worth it. I’d purposely leave that Faerie untouched for a while so that she’d lose her healing juice even faster (35 SP for healing charm, oof).
    So looks like summoner AI got a hang of brand mechanics, how much time is left before this update comes out? Really looking forward to it, brands add a whole new dimension in build planning.

    • Yeah, may still have some tuning to do on modifiers and the AI for selecting them. :D This is definitely one of those systems where I won’t know much about it until it’s been out there a bit (hence the test build that’s coming.)

      ETA on the first test build, I’m hoping that will be fairly soon. I’d like to have it by end of month, but work hasn’t been cooperating with my desire for a heavy Demon schedule. :( Still, we’re pretty close… if it’s not end of Feb, it shouldn’t be much longer than that.

      If you meant the non-test release, too early to say for sure, it’ll depend a fair bit on how the testing goes.