More Demon Previews

Encounter design and implementation’s going well, but those’re hard to show progress on, so here’s more previews of new demons. :D

Caladrius DominionNuckelavee IbongAdarnaHecate

2 responses to “More Demon Previews

  1. Damn, mind will have really bad time on new floors with all these resistances. Materia siphon on tier 3 bird without access to melting gets a weird look from me, even if they will have some allies with acid abilities.

    • Element coverage in this case. :) A key feature of Tier 3 foes is that they almost always have at least two attack elements unless they’re a pure healer.

      It’s true Materia drains are -15 Power off the Life versions without Melting, but they also cost 5 SP less, so even without Melting, it’s arguable you still get a decent deal.