Still More Demons

Part of why this update’s taking a bit is because I accidentally made it 2nd only to the Matter build in terms of the number of new characters. :D Here’s another preview to tide you over as I continue working towards release. :)

Jorogumo Kaliga-On Ijiraq Meamei Mothman Shiva Thor Valkyrie

4 responses to “Still More Demons

    • :D I haven’t posted them all even yet (though you’ve seen most; this will be the last demon preview; not enough left for another one)

  1. Aw, this is fine and creative work! All these gorgeous, menacing demons that I will never survive long enough to meet :D

    • Geminimax’s sprite work is awesome. :D I’m not sure this project would be half what it is without the help he’s given over the years.

      But don’t worry: some of the new bunch will be able to show up as out of depth encounters in side dungeons much earlier than Tower: 27-29. :)