Ability Design Complete!

Alrighty, I’ve finished the ability design for the upcoming end-game build. :)

A little to my surprise, it turns out we’re looking at over *100* new abilities coming into the game. As you’d probably expect, while most of the new abilities are not exclusive to the end-game characters being added, many of them will only show up on Tier 2-3 or Unique modifiers…. but, that said, there will be a non insignificant number likely to show up earlier than that too.

I’d originally planned to do the character sprites next, but since ability previews are *much* less spoilery on average than character previews for a build like this, I’m going to reverse course and work on ability icons first. That will enable me to start doing ability previews sooner, which will be good preview content without also being super spoilery. :D

See you next update!

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