3/31: Our Time Has Finally Come

The long-awaited new build, with 20 new demons, over 170 new abilities, 3 new Tower floors, 3 new Sanctums, and a heap of improvements and bug fixes has been released! Build links have already been updated, so go get it!

Special thanks go out to the awesome folks who when asked stepped up to help me test this thing so I could get it out faster. :D

Anyway, I’ve been talking about this build for so long I don’t really feel like I need to post a giant thing for its release, so I’ll leave it at that. :D Go play, and good luck in the Tower!

2 responses to “3/31: Our Time Has Finally Come

  1. Welp..Im dieing still. But the new demons are really fun! And I have some ideas that are getting me more success than I am used to. So hopefully ill make it further up soon than I have been.

    The attenuation stuff is really interesting. I find myself more willing to friendly fire distant allies in order to secure damage. Since I know I can make it so they take less damage if I aim correctly.

    All in all Im enjoying the update.

    • :D Still dying is good! I wouldn’t want to accidentally make the game easy. :)

      Attenuation was mainly added to bring late-game AEs under control… I hadn’t thought about it also being used to semi-safely use AEs when your own party is in the area. :D Not a bad idea though, especially if they’re particularly agile or Dodge/Block-heavy allies who may take close to no damage at all on the outermost edge of an AE. :D

      Glad you’re enjoying the update :D