50 new ability icons: Next up, implementation!

The ability designs, and all of the new icons related to them, have been completed. :) Here’s a screenshot of them. :D


Next up: implementation, some testing, and then I can finally release this content push. :) I haven’t forgotten I promised to preview a few of the new abilities for you, so here you go. :)

Autoantipathy: Mind, Active. Free action. Deal low damage to a Panicked target. Cantrip cooldown.

Blood Rot: Body, Passive. Applying or reapplying Infection, Poison, or Paralysis deals damage to the target, and also reduces their stamina.

Pyrokinesis: Fire, Active. Free action. Deal low damage and possibly Ignite all targets around an Ignited target. Cantrip cooldown.

Warmth: Fire, Passive. Boosts your health and stamina regeneration based on the number of Ignited characters you can see.

Icebreaker: Ice, Passive. Your attacks attempt to instantly kill Chilled characters at critically low health.

Dreamstalker: Mind, Passive. Damage you deal to Sleeping characters will not wake them up if they were at full health.

Dessication: Body, Passive. Reducing a character’s stamina also causes damage to that character.

Judge’s Mein: Light, Passive. Dealing Light damage to a target that used a hostile ability on its last turn has a chance to cause Guilt.

Witch’s Mein: Dark, Passive. Dealing Dark damage to a target with at least one negative status effect has a chance to cause Hex.

Bolt Chain: Electricity, Passive. Applying Shock to a target damages and possibly Shocks an enemy adjacent to the target.

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