5/30: Keeping Score

Build links to the right have been updated with the 5/30 build. :) The major new feature of this build is the online scoreboard: when your games end, your character name (also a new feature :P ) and score will be sent up to the server and then shown to you alongside similarly ranked scores so you can see where you ended up at. You can press \ in game to view the top 20 scores as well.

Of course…


…the scoreboard is empty right now, so it would be pretty easy to get in the top 20. :D Based on past feedback, even a score of several hundred will probably last for quite sometime: Demon’s pretty tough. :)

Also in this build:

  • You can now name the main character.
  • Removed all trait-based recruitments restrictions and requirements. These weren’t a lot of fun, and were making balance kind of a pain too since it meant there were some abilities that were mutually exclusive (i.e: If you had Demon A that gives Ability N, you can’t recruit Demon B that gives Ability T, so N and T are mutually exclusive.)
  • Slightly rebalanced T:1 and T:2 to be a bit gentler an introduction to the game.
  • Enemies no longer spawn particularly close to portals.
  • Enemy groups communicate¬†less¬†with each other, making it less likely the player will be swarmed by very large hordes.
  • Infection only halves Stamina regeneration instead of completely removing it.
  • The main character’s healing/restorative abilities, if any, will automatically be used when Resting to reduce downtime. (This is particularly important for builds that drain maximum health from enemies, since excess MaxHP decays over time.)
  • Skipping VFX (by pressing any key during them) also skips non-critical message prompts.

Good luck! I’ll post another update soon about what I am working on next. :D

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