5/31: Preparing For The End

The new build has been released! :D Links on the right have been updated, so go grab it!

Highlights of the new build include:

  • New Brand art by Ontoclasm!
  • Access to over 90 new abilities.
  • 4 new types of demon modifiers, with 3 tiers each: Adept (Presence/physical), Draconic (Breath/defense), Paladin (Slash/Light), and Reaver (Slash/Dark)
  • A complete ability pass on all demons, in most cases resulting in 1 or even 2 new abilities added, particularly for demons on higher floors.
  • Reduced Credit cost on Copy Ability and Fuse Demon.
  • Several bug fixes and improvements, including better performance when the player party has Aura abilities.

Enjoy, and as always, good luck in the Tower!

14 responses to “5/31: Preparing For The End

  1. Do the stat replacing abilities (Cunning Spells, Agile Strikes, etc.) override the normal stat function (ex. Cunning Spells makes Cunning the only stat that affects magic damage), or do they work in addition to the normal effect?

  2. Thank you, Herbie!
    Gonna get my day-off soon, I know exactly what I’ll be doing then.

    • There are a fair number of undead in the game, if that’s what you mean. :) “Demon” in the title refers pretty much to any sort of inhuman entity: angels, cryptids, demons, undead, magical beasts, cursed objects, elementals, etc.

  3. I mean skeletons since I know about zombies but are there any just plain skeleton type demons

    • There is Turdak. :D He’s actually a unique, but he is a skeleton, and a god of dancing and disease. I don’t think there are any other skeletons specifically though, just him.

      • Have you ever thought of adding those greek dragon tooth skeletons that grew from teeth they might fit as a low tower pet

        • Spartoi? I’ve heard of them before, and they are pretty neat :D The trick is I have to pick myths that are not just cool, but that also make sense to have the abilities I need to put in the game at that point. The current content’s pretty fleshed out and balanced already, so it may be more difficult to fit new ones in than you’d expect.

          • I see you could base them of the idea that the summoner was given the teeth by a admirer before the death of said admirer during the tower summoning