6/25: Upgrade Complete (Almost?)

This is going to be a short for a build post, and also a bit of a weird build post, bear with me. :P

* The 6/25 builds have been added to the usual download links. However, the 5/3 builds have been left up as well. The dates are clearly marked in the file names, it should be easy to grab the right ones. (This is a bit of a change from my original plan of making a separate download link that I discussed in the forums, sorry for the confusion.)

* This is because I have unexpectedly been called out of town for a few days, and will not be here to address any bugs, even very very bad ones, that may be present in the 6/25 build. If you run into problems, you can always re-download 5/3 and play that until I return and can fix such bugs.

* I need to leave for the airport very soon, so unfortunately I can’t really say much else here. That’s okay: when I return, and when I fix any bugs that have come up, I will do a more “formal” release of the build, including my usual posts on RogueBasin, Twitter, etc, and a more in-depth discussion of what’s new in the build here. However, I *did* update the changelog included with the builds, so you can read all about there right now if you like.

* This is a pretty significant balance change for Demon, similar in scope to the addition of currency a few months back. Like with currency, I expect that despite my best efforts, some things will end up out of whack and need adjustment. This means two things: 1) Don’t get attached to the current versions of anything yet, 2) Don’t assume anything is “intended” to be the way it is, especially if it seems crazy over or underpowered. :P

Apologies again for the odd circumstances surrounding this release. It was either this weirdness or put off releasing until I got back late next week. I decided to take a bit of a risk and go ahead and release oddly so you folks can try out the Relic Upgrades a bit sooner. :) Thank you for understanding, and good luck in the tower!

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