7/22: Small Update with Bug Fixes

Slowly working Demon back into my newly modified schedule. :) Have some bug fixes!

Update Notes, 7/22/2014

- All enemy characters on a level are fully healed when you leave that level.
- Nerfed the Lifegiver modifier by giving it some less useful ablities it can possibly generate with.
- Nerfed enemy summoners slightly by forbidding “modified demon” abilities from being passed out so much.

- Swap messages are suppressed outside of combat.
- The mouse no longer triggers tooltips when the window is not in focus.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug that could cause allies to take the long way around to enemies in rare circumstances.
- Fixed a bug causing the opening title to sometimes flicker white unintentionally.
- Fixed a bug causing the Portal Search button to stay lit if used when there are no known portals.
- Fixed a bug where attempting to hold Alt (such as for Alt+PrintScreen for screen shots) triggered manual reminders.
- Fixed a bug that caused a monster’s health rating to be “Dead” if it had more than 100 MaxHP and less than 1% HP.

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