8/30: What’s in a Nickname?

New build posted! If you just want to dive in, the build links on your right have the new 8/30 build for PC, Mac, and Linux!

The 8/30 build’s main new feature is demon nicknaming:


You can now give any demon in your party a nickname while viewing it’s character sheet by pressing Shift+n. Nicknames are shown throughout all interfaces, the one partial exception being on the character sheet where it is shown in quotes to remind you it is a nickname, and not the demon’s default name. If you ever do want a demon’s nickname back, simply rename it again and enter an empty name. (And yes, you can even rename uniques!)

In addition to a collection of minor and moderate bug fixes and UI improvements, the 8/30 build also added a fun new twist to unique demons: all unique demons now offer a unique modifier when sacrificed to a Silver or Gold matrix. For example, here’s a preview of what would happen to a Gandayah if you applied Vihkor’s “Whirling” modifier to it:

Yes, that’s a 20% speed increase! Unique modifiers can have extra little perks like that. :) Here’s another shot of a Gandayah previewing the “Brewmaster” modifier offered by Ninkasi:

Brewmaster Gandayah
Two resistances? Yep! :D This isn’t power creep though… after all, if you sacrifice a unique to matrix, by definition you’ve given up on the equally interesting option of using a Gold matrix to modify the unique itself. :) Choices, choices…

Anyway, one week left on the job before I’m free to do full time Demon work, but it will probably be an extra busy one, so this might be the only post until the weekend. Cheers, and good luck in the tower!

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