Ability Icons Done; Now Making Abilities

And now, they’re all done. :D 118 new ability icons! Once these are actually added to the game, we’ll be pushing pretty close to 1000… though not quite there. :) Work has begun on actually┬áimplementing the abilities these’re tied to, so future progress updates will include some of their in-game tooltips as content previews. :) Until next time, good luck in the Tower!


2 responses to “Ability Icons Done; Now Making Abilities

  1. Hi,

    Launching your game on windows 10 crashed immediately.

    If you give me details I can send logs.

    • Huh, sorry you’re having trouble running the game. Haven’t heard of any troubles with Win 10 before other than when the game gets blocked by some sort of security feature (which can happen either when downloading the zip, uncompressing the zip, or when running it, depending on whether it’s Chrome or Windows 10 interfering.)

      ferretdev.org@gmail.com is a good place to send the logs though. Pass ‘em over and I’ll take a look.