Ability Modifiers, and A Small Announcement

I’ve got some examples of what Ability-related Modifiers look like on Brands, but before we get to those, a quick announcement. :D

Given the magnitude of the changes Brands mean for Demon, I want to do a test build series again before a wider release. Same policy as before: I’ll make a thread on the forums with links to the test builds, and post here when new ones are posted. You won’t need to register for the forums or anything to see or download from the link, just go and grab ‘em. I do this only to increase the odds that everyone who downloads them understands they *are* test builds, and thus, may have moderate or even serious issues that would normally not be present in actual releases.

No precise ETA on this other than “sometime next month”: between work picking up unexpectedly earlier… and, if I’m being honest, the impending release of Etrian Odyssey Nexus next week… it will probably be a little bit yet. :P

With no further ado, the Ability-related Brand examples :D

AbilityBrands1 AbilityBrands2 AbilityBrands3 AbilityBrands4 AbilityBrands5

3 responses to “Ability Modifiers, and A Small Announcement

  1. Oh yeah, i have to ask, is there a way to see if a demon has a brand straight away, like Modifers, or do you have to examine them?

    • There will be a way to tell quickly: either a second tooltip, a new symbol on the icon, or both. Not sure which I’m going to go with yet.