Almost forgot: New Scoreboard in the 9/18 version :P

Apologies for not mentioning it sooner, but there will definitely be a new scoreboard in the 9/18 version. :P Given a game of Demon will be 4 floors longer* in this version than before, not to mention the tweaking of the previously somewhat over-powered Strength buff, this hopefully isn’t a huge surprise despite my forgetting to mention it ahead of time. :(

By way of apology, here is the current top of the pre-9/18 scoreboard, preserved for future generations:


See you soon with the 9/18 build (I hope, this is coming down to the wire!)

* (Why did I say 4 and not 9? Not every Sanctum will appear every game. :D There are 4 new Sanctum slots, in addition to the slot Turdak’s Sanctum already had. Each slot has 2 possible Sanctums.)

4 responses to “Almost forgot: New Scoreboard in the 9/18 version :P

  1. I had 34k score in my game. Is it not listed because I haven’t started next one yet? Or should I lose a character before it appears?

    • Yeah, you need to die, even with a winning character, before you show up on the scoreboard. Lemme know if that happens, I’ll take another screenie and update the one shown here. :D