Another Small Sample

Here’s another sample of the new demons you’ll run into once the Matter build is released. :D Enjoy!

Alicanto Gorgon Nokken Ooze Umibozu

4 responses to “Another Small Sample

    • True, but then again, Body’s balanced on the assumption you run into the resistance fairly often. Still not as bad as necromancy/poison in most other roguelikes though. :D

      At least only ghosts/inorganics are usually immune in Demon: other roguelikes tend to give immunity out to almost anything that isn’t a humanoid, plant, or animal.

  1. Looks like matter will be pretty similar in that regard, plenty of resistances already and lots of existing in the tower demons don’t have any matter to screw with

    • Matter, somewhat uniquely, can overcome resistance (but not immunity) in various ways. :D

      For example, Matter has a series of life-drain spells that treat the target as Weak to Matter if you’ve applied Melting to them. (Melting tends to be relatively easy to apply… and additionally, there is a passive that makes Melting checks ignore resistance to Matter!)

      Matter also has access to a unique set of passives that trigger non-Matter effects when you use abilities that can apply Melting (note: you don’t actually have to have applied Melting, the ability just has to be able to.) These can work even on Matter immune targets, provided the target isn’t immune to the other effect’s element.