Back To It

Hey folks. :) Break time is just about over me: I’ll be back to Demon development starting tomorrow evening.

Granted, work is still busy (and about to get busier), but as previously discussed, I plan to break builds up into much smaller releasable chunks going forward so that we hopefully avoid anymore 9 month build cycles. :P

The next build will be an attempt to fix save data loss if your computer loses power while playing, which was requested by a long time player. Pretty sure I can do something to at least improve this, so this should be fairly quick. Will also include some other bug fixes too.

The build following that will probably be me a tiny build involving making some new abilities and sprinkling them about because doing two heavy tech/non gameplay builds in a row will make me sad.

The build after *that* might be an attempt to improve full screen mode’s visuals… if I can actually figure out a way to do that. I will at least make an attempt, but no promises on success, so if it doesn’t work out, no build.

After *that*? The next one will be the first in the Demon Relic Preservation, Character Creation, and Relic Upgrades revamp. Not sure exactly what order those will happen in, but it will be broken up into as small a set of chunks as possible. (Best guess is that DRP will be one build, followed by probably CC + RU together since they’re kinda linked.)

So, that’s the immediate future for Demon. :D Thanks for indulging me in my small break, I’m excited to get back to making Demon even better. :) Cheers!

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