Balancing Act

I’m back at work. :D

This next build will be a relatively small one, focused on balance adjustments.

One of the main ones will be Aux Guard and Aux Power (the Titan’s Fist starting upgrades) being converted to give a bonus to you *and* your demons, based on the number of active summon slots not used, but with the bonus capping at only 1 demon summoned. (Thus, you would no longer get further benefit from dropping to 0 demons summoned.) This will still make these Upgrades and Relic play differently than most builds, but should remove some of the overpowered / too un-Demon like gameplay associated with the current version.

Another area I’ll be reviewing is cooldowns, especially on non-free action abilities (which means especially on Light and Dark.) Over time, I’ve come to believe some of these abilities aren’t quite as powerful as they should be for taking up an ability slot but only being usable every few turns. Not sure exactly what adjustment will be made to these yet (likely, it’ll be case by case), but in general these will stay where they are or be strengthened.

There aren’t any other major headings I plan to make adjustments under, but I may make other tweaks here and there: these will be called out in the build notes eventually (or in a further blog post, if they are major enough to warrant it.)


3 responses to “Balancing Act

    • Some of them might get shorter, yeah. :) Or, the SP costs might go down, or the strength of the effect go up. It’ll really be case by case, but I’d be surprised if none of them end up shorter.

      Basically, I plan on increasing the amount of “credit” I give abilities for have cooldowns of given types/lengths. That increased “credit” can may be used to just reduce the cooldown (i.e: using less cooldown turns), or it might be used to strength other elements (i.e. buying more power with the increased credit.)

      Sometimes increasing strength isn’t an option (for example, you’ve probably noticed that non “fatal or miss” attacks never go above 100 Power, +15 if they use two elements, -15 if they cannot miss. That’s an example of a hard limit no amount of “credit” is allowed to break): those’ll be the cases most likely to see a cooldown decrease.

  1. Sanction, goad and punish should be first in the light/dark to be buffed list. Despite obvious synergies with cleric’s/fool’s/judge’s miens they are very situational and rarely manage to hit even half of the hostile pack.