Better Living Through Better Summoning

Here’s some more screenshots showing off some of the new Relic Upgrades. :) Far Summon and Quick Summon both modify your basic Summoning ability, by adding range, or eliminating the turn cost. :) Quick Dismiss removes the turn cost from Dismiss as well: having both Quick Summon and Quick Dismiss, both of which every Crown of Glory summoner starts with will mean never needing to spend your main character’s actual turns on ally management. :) Pretty handy!

Far Summon on the other hand, lets you (particularly with higher level/longer ranged versions of it, like Far Summon III shown below) position your demons right where you need them upon summoning. Summon melee guys directly in front of incoming enemies, summon supports well back from the main fight, etc. I expect this one to have many useful applications. :)

FarSummon1 FarSummon2 FarSummon3 Quick1

4 responses to “Better Living Through Better Summoning

  1. Looking forward to quick summon/dismiss. Melee classes are risky business but with these tools it seems like it will be a very nice buff to the builds.

    • Yeah, all of the melee relics have things that should help them out with surviving that role. :D

      Titan’s Fist will be able to copy the resistance tables of allies with Assume Form.

      The Eye of the Dragon will find extra items and Credits as they explore.

      The Hand of the Dead can consume allies as a free action for (if they have leveled enough) significant HP and SP recovery, as well as some Credits.

      And finally, as shown above, the Crown removes the turn cost on both Summon and Dismiss. :D

      Hopefully this will provide several different viable paths to making melee summoners work better. :D We’ll see what you all think once this build is out. :)

      • Very cool adittions, will “Assume Form” change your character sprite (preety please)?

        • :P Maybe in a 2nd pass! Or maybe I just need to not call it Assume Form if I don’t want to commit to that. :D A color shift like modified demons get would be reasonable though, since it is basically a form of Fusion for humans. :D