Busy Ferret Is Busy

Hey folks,

Apologies for the slowed updates this past week: a major work deadline is imminent (this Friday, in fact!) so I’ve been pretty blasted by the time I get home and that’s probably going to continue throughout the week. But, once Friday is behind me and a short resting up period happens, I should be able to return to my normal development pace.

Until then, good luck in the Tower!

3 responses to “Busy Ferret Is Busy

  1. Well, it’s good to know you weren’t swept out to sea by the hurricane, rescued by a cuban fisherman after 3 days of hallucinating from dehydration on the high seas, and subsequently consumed with a burning desire to change your life style and write a supercilious tell-all memoir based on your experience

    Them’s the sort of hypotheses I brood about late at night when waiting for demon updates