Busy FerretDev Is Busy, But…

With apologies, between house closing prep and work being heated, I probably won’t be addressing any bugs except on weekends for the next couple of weeks.

However, I did want to put out that we’re close to the *actual* Matter release, finally. The backlog of bugs tracked during the past 8 months of work on it used to be over 3 pages long: it is now less than 1. Once I fix those, and any remaining Matter-build specific issues, we’ll finally be on to new things. :D

What new things? Well… I owe two debts I must discharge first: one to investigate a more stable save system that can survive computer crashes, and the other to investigate if I can improve the look of full screen mode. Both are investigations: not promising I can actually fix either, but the players who requested these things have very patiently waited for me to fix the Matter build before turning to them, so I do feel obligated to take a good solid swing at each.

After that… well, it will be something fun, and *much* shorter of build cycle than the Matter build was I hope! :D

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