I Accidentally Made A Sigmund

Welp. At least since he’s a Relic Wraith, the odds of actually running into him will drop sharply once other people start making wraiths. :D

Meet the first ghost of… ahem… Tower… 1. The RNG apparently wanted the first ghost to be a bit of a doozy: the Hypnotic Gaze and Venomous were both found on corpses (and both extremely lucky rolls, most of the time, you get far less exciting things from the find ability result :P )

If anyone is still playing this game next week, it will probably be a miracle. :D


2 responses to “I Accidentally Made A Sigmund

  1. And “Sigmund” made a “Natasha” (minus the nine lives) by killing the ghost I was planning to suicide on Tower:3. Whoops. :( Nothing for it but to try again!

  2. Argh, I met Tremane on my 3rd corpse!

    Barely escaped with my life, but skipping T:1 isn’t really a big deal