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As previously discussed, the next major build will add Tower floors 21, 22, and 23 to the main dungeon, but before that, there will be smaller build containing some other smaller things I want to get out of the way so they don’t have to wait behind a content push for no reason. :) Here’s a quick look at what’s coming in that:


Offline Mode

Starting with the next version, it will be possible to set an option that turns off all of Demon’s online features (with the exception of anything the Personal edition of Unity does itself, which I have no control over. You can read about what Unity itself collects here: )


Enemy Sense now helps with Corpses

Enemy Sense now also detects when interaction with a corpse is going to trigger an encounter. Notably, it does not tell you what the nature of the encounter is: only that there is one. When you have Enemy Sense, corpses that will trigger enemy spawns will have a different tooltip and mini map appearance, and require confirmation before searching them.




Corpse Encounters Upgraded

I like corpse encounters, but they tended to end up easier than I wanted in the first pass: they often included demons that were just too low level to actually be a threat, and by spawning grouped together, the groups were often highly vulnerable to area effect abilities. Both of these issues have been addressed for the next build: demons in corpse encounters now use the same “catch up” feature demons enemy summoners spawn with do, and the demons spawn in much looser formations… indeed, they often end up surrounding the party in an open area, or blocking a party in in a hallway. Beware!

Additionally, a bug was fixed that caused corpse encounters w/ “sleepy” demons to unintentionally never spawn modified demons: now they have the usual chances of spawning modified demons for a corpse encounter (which is a slightly elevated chance, relative to normal encounters.)



Heroes Reborn

Heroism has been redefined a bit to make the effects a little more transparent, and, I admit, a little more challenging. Here’s how the changes shook out:

Heroic Damage Bonus: Previously +20%, now +50%
Heroic Defense/Status Resistance Bonus: +200% (unchanged)
Heroic Status Accuracy Bonus: Previously 0%, now +50% (i.e.: A 40% chance to hit with a status becomes 60% for a Hero)
Heroic SP Cost Reduction: Previously 0%, now 50% (reflected in ability tooltips)
Heroic Cooldown Reduction: Previously 0%, now 50% (reflected in ability tooltips)
Heroic SP Regen Bonus: Previously +150%, now 0%


To parse that into something more like English: Heroes will now do a bit more damage, and have a much better chance to land negative status effects. Heroes will be slower to run out of SP, though once they do they have a harder time digging out of it. Finally, Heroes will enjoy the same more frequent usage of cooldown-based abilities that they have always enjoyed with SP-based abilities. Will this be enough to finally make Adria dangerous? Eh, probably not. :P

In a related change: Minions’ vulnerability now also applies to hitting them with status effects: you virtually can’t miss them with any status effect out there unless your Cunning is terrible or you’re trying one they have Resistance to.

Finally, it is worth remembering: natural Hero status and the Heroism buff are exactly the same in terms of how they work, so these changes also apply for characters benefiting from Heroism.

This build will be releasing fairly soonish, and then it’s on to Tower:21-23! Cheers, good luck, and happy holidays! :D

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