Geminimax’s New Character Sprites: Part 1 (Lower Tower)

Geminimax is still hard at work on his versions of Demon’s character sprites. :D As usual, they’re quite awesome! For a small preview, here’s the versions he’s done for the new demons in the lower floors of the Tower:

Abbey Lubber (new Dark-element starter): Abbey Lubber

Sankai (new Body-element starter): Sankai

Buruburu (new Mind-element starter): Buruburu

Zaltys (new Light-element starter): Zaltys

Alma (new Impact/Ice hybrid demon): Alma

Estas (new Slash/Fire hybrid demon): Estas

Flying Head (new Pierce/Elec hybrid demon): Flying Head

Friar Rush (new unique): Friar Rush

I’ll post another preview a bit later with his versions of the sprites for the new floors’ demons. :D Cheers!

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