Google Drive Will Be Phased Out… Soonish

Google Drive recently offended me again by confusing another innocent would-be Demon player with its ridiculous interface. This is the straw that broke the ferret’s back.

As soon as I’m not drowning in build stuff, I’m going to set the download links on the website here to all point to instead. I had initially avoided this step because I didn’t want the only download option to be the one that also serves as the donation box since I didn’t want people to feel like they have to donate, but at this point Google Drive’s aggro has built up high enough where I’m more concerned its crappy interface is costing me players than I am about sending all downloads through the optional donation box.

Even after doing this, in order to give people time to update their links, I will probably continue to keep the build folders on Google Drive updated, but I will add a readme file indicating that this will probably end soon and that they should go instead.

Just for the record: Demon will always be totally free. Donations are appreciated, and (minus itch’s cut, Paypal’s cut, and taxes) are put into the piggy bank I use to fund periods of full time development, but entirely optional.

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