9 responses to “Itch.Io page now live

      • Oh, I see.

        This game is free but the developer accepts your support by letting you pay what you think is fair for the game.

        Sorry about spamming.

        • No worries. :) For the record, Demon is always going to be free, forever. :D I’m not even planning on changing the download links here to point to itch and its donation box: the primary reason I hooked that up was so people’d have another way to find the game.

          But a couple of people had asked if there was a way to donate, so since itch makes that easy to setup, I went ahead and did so. It isn’t something I plan to be pushy about though.

  1. Well, actually you got me thinking and I donated $5.
    This is first time when I ever used my online card, that’s how good your game is :)

      • So do I :) I haven’t tried relics yet, they look very exciting to me, especially the one that allows to get some currency back when disbanding a demon.

        • :D If you find you don’t like the relic that upgrade is attached to, keep in mind you can pick any upgrade you like to add to your relic once you hit 5th level (and again at 15th and 25th.)