It’s The Little Things

While I finish designing how the AI will evaluate brands when constructing summoner parties and roving demon packs, I’ve been making some small improvements to Brand-related UI to help make it more clear when they’re active or not active, and why:


For example, when you’re considering applying or replacing a Brand, the tooltip for the new brand will indicate if the requirements are meant or not with green checkmarks or red x marks. If one or more requirements are not meant. the effects will be greyed out to help underline the fact. In character sheets and party views, brands that are equipped but cannot be used are colored yellow as well.

Not a super exciting update, I know, but getting close to being ready to show some usage of Brands by AIs, which should be more interesting… well, if I can find an effective way to show it in a blog post. :P

6 responses to “It’s The Little Things

  1. By the way, I think “Luck” cooldown has a bug because original “Lucky Aid” cooldown should be “3″ but indicated as “6″ on the version of 11/26.

    • Do you mean it shows as 3 on the tooltip, but you got a 6 when you used it?

      If so, that isn’t a bug, but rather a unique quirk of Luck cooldowns: whenever one is triggered, you get a random result between 0 and twice the shown cooldown. 6 is the worst possible outcome, but it is a possible outcome.

  2. Oops, I’ve mistaken it. I’ve had to read HELP.
    Now I know the uniqueness. Really thanks, Herbie!