Knowing The Unknowable

The next step, which I just completed, was finding and picking out references to use for the art for each of the new characters. This is usually a bit quicker than it was this time, but things went a bit slower this time due to the extreme age and extreme popularity of some of the characters involved. Both of those can create trouble in different ways. Extreme age can cause feast or famine problems: there may lots of references (making it difficult to figure out which one is most accurate to the original myth!), or there may be very few or none at all (making them hard to find.) Extreme popularity tends to flood the internet with lots of mythologically inaccurate depictions, also adding to the difficulty of finding good sources.

Of course, on top of those factors, this particular set I wanted to take a little extra time with since they exist at the Tower’s upper most floor. :)

But, now that is done, everything needed to begin creating the character sprites is complete. Next up, I’ll be working on my own version of those and also on the abilities for each of the new characters. (I tend to do both at once since my still frustratingly limited art abilities usually lead me to want to switch to another task now and then to give myself a break. :P )

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