Matter Test Build 4 ETA: This Sunday

Should finally have some time this weekend to finish up the changes I want to include in Matter Test Build 4.

If you haven’t been following the post on the forum, here’s the short list of what it will already include:

Fixed Bugs (will be in next build):
* Fetter, Bind, and Entangle’s tooltips show their Power as 15 less than it actually is.
* Verify disable-able settings on all reactives and passives.
* Avalanche and cousins’ Ice/Chill don’t hit the most extremely distant corner of the burst.
* Verify Druj Nasu and similar capture instructions warn about not hitting the target.
* Maybe tweak Paracelsus again since Burning Vapor got nerfed.
* AI should regard Harden as a “lockout” condition, at low remaining duration.
* Relief still not high enough priority on non-summoners
* Anzu sometimes barges into Medusa’s Sanctum
* Fixed Stone Touch’s unusually high Stone chance.
* Added Unmake to the Destroyer (Tier 2 Matter) modifier.
* Added Relieving Cut to Violent (Tier 1 Slash) modifier.
* Devotion still a bit frequently spammed by Gorgons (and a little less, Banshees)
* Vapors now properly considered by the AI.
* Sleep/Panic inflicted on corpse encounter demons now has a variable duration.
* Sleep inflicted on relic explosion demons now has a variable duration.
* Mute no longer blocks the magical parts of hybrid abilities such as Burning Claw, Guarding Cut, etc.
* “Support cut” support effects now have a range of 8, instead of 4.
* Ninkasi and Reprobus’ modifiers now correctly include Focusing Cry.
* All stat decrease effects now properly use the Debuff type, allowing Afflicter to apply them.
* Clarified that Artemis, Kamapua’a, etc. allow you to help them.
* Punish / Goad should now properly track indirectly targeted abilities such as Emit Sparks.
* Punish / Goad now also track Poison, Ignite, Melt, etc. usage, treating these as damaging.
* Hypnotize Host now properly checks Mind resistance level.
* Increased Yellow Sign and Mind Twist’s SP costs to line up with the Sleep and Charm versions of these.
* Infection now blocks SP recovery from passives such as Tormentor, Galvanize, etc. (no it does not NA them, sorry) The only way to recover SP through Infection now is to use an actual SP drain.
* Buff Harden (shorten or give a secondary effect)

See you again soon :D

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