Moving Right Along

Currency implementation continues on schedule. :) In fact, most of the main system is done, at this point, much of what’s left are things like as negotiation changes related to currency, new player “suggestion” updating, testing, and balancing.


The new Transmutations button replaces the old Training button. It provides access to advanced relic functions, which include all of the ones that use currency.

In the first pass of this system, you will find:

Copy Ability: Copies an ability from a demon to another demon, or to the player.

Delete Ability: Permanently deletes an ability from a demon. You don’t get anything for doing this… but, it can serve as a way to “adjust” the behavior of demons, so long as you’re alright with it being a permanent adjustment (or requiring use of Copy Ability to fix :P )

Fuse Demons: Sacrifice one demon to give a modifier to another, just like Silver and Gold Matrices used to do. I say “used to do” because they’ve been removed from the game. Fusing Demons is somewhat expensive, but you will no longer need to rely on the RNG to give you access to one of Demon’s most interesting progression mechanics.

Restore Demon: Revives a previously slain demon, replacing the functionality of Spirit Chimes, which have also been removed from the game. Restoring demons is also very expensive, but provides a method by which you can claw back from what might otherwise be a catastrophic loss of a key ally. In a slight change from before, you can no longer Restore a demon that was used in fusion.

Delete Demon: Nothing much to say here, this simply allows you to delete a demon if you find some reason you wish to do so. Like Delete Ability, you don’t get anything out of this.

We’re closing in on the release point for currency. :) I can’t deny it is likely to prove to have changed things significantly, nor can I deny it is likely to require some tweaking to get the balance right. But, I wish to reiterate that my goal here is to make the game and the choices it asks you to make more interesting *without* making the game easier. :) Cheers!

2 responses to “Moving Right Along

  1. Are there any plans for special fusions? Say, demons that can only be gotten through a fusion of two specific demons (instead of just getting a modifier).

    Either way, the new system looks great, and certainly much less clumsy!

    • :D Actually, yes, there are. :) The main reason I’m waiting on doing that is because at the moment while the dungeon isn’t complete, any new demons I work on, I want to use to on new floors/branches. :D Once we’re closer to content complete, I’ll feel more able to spend time on adding demons that aren’t also part of new floors/branches.

      Technically speaking, I could re-use existing demons for the mechanic, but that doesn’t seem as exciting. :)