Next Build In Testing

The next build is now in testing. :)

As previously discussed, this build will contain several goodies including:

  • Codex Daemonium: A reference containing full information on any demon you’ve recruited in the game. Depending on your option settings, it can be limited to demons only your current character has recruited, or it can show every demon you’ve recruited on any game played on the current install, or…. it can simply show every demon in the game, should you be a fan of spoilers or not a fan of unlocks. :)
  • Online features can now be turned off in the option menu. (hit ‘-’ from in game to access.)
  • Improved Corpse Encounters: Demons spawned by corpses will now adjust their level to be close to the player’s level, bringing these up to the proper challenge level, and will spawn more spread out to keep them from being easily area-effect nuked away. Corpses that will trigger encounters can now be detected by Enemy Sense as well.
  • Improved Corpses: Corpses have been adjusted to appear a bit less often, but be much less likely to give “nothing” results.
  • Demons who prefer to negotiate with summoners can now directly ask for Credits, instead of only doing so as part of other types of demands.
  • Revamped Hero bonuses to make Hero encounters more interesting. :)
  • ‘Free actions’ now properly count as your ‘last action’ for abilities that check this.
  • Streamlined the confirmation prompting in situations where it probably was overkill (e.x.: if you are voluntarily doing something to get rid of a demon, you will no longer be asked if you want to copy abilities from it first, since presumably you’d have done that if you wanted to.)
  • Reduced the difficulty level of the Actaeon encounter slightly.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing too many item spawns and too many corpses to appear (separate from the adjustment to corpse spawning mentioned above.)
  • Several other bug fixes.

Hope to be able to release this soon. :) Until then, I hope you’re having an awesome 2017. :D

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