Next Build Stuff

So, what’s coming up in the next build? :) Glad I asked!

Much of this one comes from feedback I’ve received from the forums, so if you’re a frequent visitor there this won’t be a very surprising list, but for those who don’t keep up with the posts there, here’s a rundown. This isn’t an exhaustive list, there are some other things I’m going to take a swing at, but here’s what will be in for sure:

* Increased control over the message log through a new options menu, including the ability to disable various pauses such as for too many messages or low HP warnings.
* A revamped stair system for the Tower to discourage stair-dancing.
* Other UI improvements such as showing tooltips for modifiers when using Matrix items, tweak the indicators for party members vs. the player himself, syncing up keybinds for the various party member lists (so that ‘b’ refers to the same monster whether or not it is a list the player is normally included in, etc.)
* Any bugs that have come up or come up. :)

In brief, it’s a UI/usability patch mostly, but that’s what the feedback indicates is needed. :) I plan to return to the original schedule after this, which would have capture mechanics upgrading next on the list.

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