Oblique Dungeon Art And 1/4 Version’s First Win

Hey folks. :) Two bits to share. :D First, one of the major features of this build will be a revamp of how dungeons look in Demon. Here’s a peek of a rough draft so the new obliqueness. :D


Still need to do ‘variant’ tiles (the torches on walls, eyes peeking out from gaps between bricks, damaged walls, etc.) that I had before in the new style, but even just vanilla like this, I think it looks much better.

The other bit is I’m happy to report the first recorded 1/4 version win, by chillblain! Good jarb! Here’s the screen cap he posted showing his victory:


Hope everyone’s enjoying the new build and having a great 2015 so far. :) Check back soon, I should have more of the new oblique dungeon art to show by next week!

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