So… many… ability icons…. but, I’m knocking them out at a steady clip! :D


2 responses to “pantpantpant

  1. Awesome! I wish I had your work ethic.

    Lucky Find sounds neat. A meta skill like the relic upgrades, only it takes an ability slot…?

    • :D Thanks! To be fair though, I don’t usually spend much time per icon… I don’t consider them as important visually as the character sprites, so I kinda force myself to get them ‘good enough’ and move on. Some turn out great (Flame Blast!), some are just okay (..Poison Touch, Rend Asunder, etc.)

      Lucky Find will probably get a slight rename but it’s an ability you use on an ally that produces a random positive item effect: usually Heal Stone, Chakra Stone, or Pure Stone*, very rarely the Gem versions of those items. The advantage is that most of these effects are stronger than abilities, the disadvantage is you’re not picking what you get. As the name implies, it will function on a Luck cooldown. :)

      (* – Doesn’t include the MaxHP damage removal effect of Pure Stone/Gem.)