Rogueliker Plays Demon, Episode 1

This is ridiculously awesome. :D Rogueliker decided to record an introduction to and playthrough of Demon, and episode 1 is up. :D Go check it out!

2 responses to “Rogueliker Plays Demon, Episode 1

  1. Hopefully this’ll mean some exposure and new players for you. I really enjoy the game and would hate to see it stop getting developed because you feel like not enough people are playing. Plus, I feel weird about taking up so much space on the scoreboard, heh.

  2. I hope so too. :D

    But even if not, don’t worry too much about me wandering off. :) I started this hoping Demon will eventually become something like DCSS, ToME, ADOM, etc. It took well over a decade each for those to get to where they are now; Demon’s just entering its third year. I’m prepared to be very patient. :)

    That said, I admit it’s been awesome seeing a surge of interest this week. :D