So let’s see if this works…

Here’s a link to a Google Drive shared folder with PC and Mac builds of Demon:

This build is a major update on even the 5/5 build, much less any older builds. The biggest changes of note (from 5/5): the Tower now goes to 12 floors, AI for handling monsters with no aggressive abilities is much improved, and a new starter pet, the faerie, has been added to give a healer option among the choices.

A few things to remember:

* Not very laptop friendly at the moment. Attempt with my apologies.

* All documentation that exists is in the pair of text files in the executable directory. None is in the game itself. This will be changing soon, but for now, the files are your only hope.

* This is still pre-alpha: expect horrible bugs, crashes, and what not… but let me know if/when they happen. If possible, save a copy of your Save directory as close to the time of the incident as possible, sending it to me may be helpful in debugging what happened.

Thanks for helping me with testing, and enjoy. :)

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