Sometimes, You Eat The Jello, And Sometimes, It Eats You

Here’s another awesome piece of fan art by Zyalin, this one of one of the Tower’s Slimes! They don’t seem much like a mere Level 1 demon portrayed like this, do they? :D Thanks Zyalin!


3 responses to “Sometimes, You Eat The Jello, And Sometimes, It Eats You

  1. Hey Herbie, is there a full Codex Daemonium anywhere? I want to read it but I don’t have much time to play Demon.

    • Two possibilities:

      1) It’s still in game, but Demon lets you view the Codex Daemonium in Spoiler mode. :)

      From in the main game, go into the options menu ( – key ) and go down to the “Codex Daemonium mode:” option and set it to spoiler.

      While that is set, when you view the Codex Daemonium, it will show you ALL demons. (It still tracks the ones you’ve actually recruited in case you switch back later, notably.)

      2) If you need something completely outside the game, I could send you the raw text, but it won’t have the associated sprites, abilities, etc. in that format. You can e-mail me at if you need it that way and I’ll send it back to you at the e-mail address you write to me from.:D