Spawning Table Fun

Work on the spawning tables and new sanctums is going well! :D About 2/3rd the way done. Probably going slower than people might expect, but inserting around 20 new characters throughout the entire Tower is effectively a revamp of all the spawning tables in the entire game.

Fun note on the addition of 2 new sanctums: that will mean that a full clear of the Tower now has 1 more floor than before, so Demon will be a slightly longer game. :D

Some other fun quirks to shake out of the encounter table revamp so far:

  • Many sanctums / side-dungeons have more rare encounters than before. (This doesn’t mean you’re more likely to get rare encounters in a given area, it just means that when you do get one, it will be selected from a larger pool.)
  • Turdak’s Sanctum, which for some reason was on average *easier* than a typical Tower floor, has been brought back in line with the difficulty you should expect from a Sanctum. Gone are the days of running into packs of fodder demons. It also now has rare spawns, which were for some reason completely absent from its table!
  • Some truly nasty groups were able to be formed with some of the new demons. :) Nobody is going to like Mandrake groups… at least, not until they make their own perhaps. :D

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