The Future Past! Or Maybe Just The Future

Hey. :D Hope everyone’s enjoying the new Sanctums. :D

I wanted to take a little bit to talk about the future real quick.

Short term: I’m taking the next week or so off, other than working on bugs. :) I pushed pretty hard to get the Sanctum build out by 9/18… and also, Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse came out. :) Given SMT is the series of games that serves as Demon’s primary influence, it probably shouldn’t surprise anyone I want to take some time to enjoy it. :D

Long term: For about the last year or so, I’ve been working full time on Demon. If you’re new here and that seems crazy to you given that I’ve sworn more or less in blood to never charge money for it in any form whatsoever… yeah, okay, it probably is crazy in some form. :P

Of course this means that I have to take other work at various points in order to maintain a proper budget, and that’s what we’re coming up on now. With any luck, I will probably be working again starting sometime next month, which will mean Demon development will become part time instead of full time for awhile.

I want to stress that point though: part time, not no time. :P Demon development *will* continue, but I anticipate a significant slow down for a couple of weeks once the job begins as I ramp up on it, and then things will go a bit faster after that. It’ll still be slower than full time development was of course, no getting out of that, but based on past experience it should still be an acceptable pace. :)

This seems like a good time to thank everyone for playing up to this point, so: thank you, seriously. :D Demon may not have many players yet, but I’m happy with even the number it does have, especially given how much some of you play it. :D As a certain Sanctum included in the last build should prove for those who have found it, the Tower has plenty of surprises left to reveal. :) Stick around, and maybe you’ll find out what they are. :D

Cheers, and good luck in the Tower!

- Herbie (FerretDev)

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