The Relic Wraiths Are Coming…

With lots of help from Keylan (thank you!), the online components of Relic Wraiths are now fully functional and implemented. :D Each of the 3 ways of spawning Relic Wraiths will now (at random) spawn local or server-stored Wraiths.

This includes searching corpses (3% chance)…


… using the Enemy Lure upgrade (25% chance)…


…and using a Ghost Chime (100% chance, so long as an appropriate level Relic Wraith exists that is!)..


Additionally, you can also use a Mirror Chime to create a Relic Wraith of your current character and party to fight, should you think you have a good reason to do so…



Whew. Getting all this working has been a bit more involved than I originally anticipated, but it’s all downhill from here. :) I want this build out there pretty badly myself at this point, but there’s still a few more things to take care of. :) Stay tuned!

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