There sure are lots of you all of a sudden…

A funny thing has happened in the last 96 hours or so…

From 5/30 to about 7/16 or so, there were 120 or so games of Demon recorded on the scoreboard.¬†From 7/17 to now, there have been another 75 or so games. This is kind of an exciting uptick in interest. :D So first, thanks to everyone who is trying it out, and I hope you’re having fun. :D

So, I bring this up to ask a question: I had a forum setup here once for Demon, but I closed it because I had lots of spammers but practically no real users (and the few I had were friends I goaded to use it in hopes of it avoiding looking COMPLETELY empty. :P ) Even people who asked if I had a forum tended to take one look at the total lack of activity and run away quickly. :P

Is there any interest in me turning the forum back on? If there will be real users there, I’m willing to war with the spammers. If I hear from even a few folks who would be interested in posting, I’ll be happy to turn it back on. :D

Either way though, thanks again to everyone for trying out Demon. :) It’s been awesome watching the scoreboard fill up so (relative to previous norms) rapidly. :D Let me also add a shout out to summoner Xavier, who so far leads the new class of players, having reached Tower:7 on one of his games already. Just under half way to the (current!) top of the tower. :D Not bad!

I’ll post again soon with an update on what I’m working on for the next build. Cheers!

2 responses to “There sure are lots of you all of a sudden…

  1. I’d personally use the forum a lot, since it’d be nice to have a place to talk about strategy and mechanics with other users and give feedback on the game without having to use an inefficient comment system.

  2. Oh, hey. :) Was hoping you in particular would drop by, you’ve been doing really well. :) At this point, of the 3 people your Tower:9 run scored under, 2 of them are friends of mine who’ve been playing since the very earliest builds over a year ago. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the game. :D

    I want to bring the forum back soon: I’m looking into better spammer countermeasures for it. If I can manage that, I’d be willing to open it again regardless of interest level: it was only the combination of both “virtually no users” and “half an hour a day spent squishing spam” that made it so tedious to maintain.